Retreat 2013

On February 22-24 2013, 40 people came to this spectacular weekend retreat to the Marist Centre in Gloucestershire.

After lunch on Friday, we started the weekend by going for a walk and we reflected on four questions: a book that inspired you, a stavan or piece of music that moves you, a quote/moto to live by, and a turning point in your life. In the evening on Friday, we all lit a candle, signifying the atma within.

Saturday started off with yoga, some stretches and movements of the body, to remove any tension so we could focus our energy and mind on the rest of the day. Following breakfast, we started the first session of the day, where we discussed the sathiyo and its meaning and we delved deeper into the path of purification. We gained an understanding of vivek bhudhi – discriminative thought power. By using vivek bhudhi, we can understand the true nature of reality and we can reduce our attachments, raag/dwesh and kashays. Ultimately vivek bhudhi allows one to discriminate between soul and body.

Following lunch, we went for a walk in Westonbirt Arboretum, which has an internationally renowned tree collection and heritage landscape. We reflected on the question: “Does everything happen to me because of my karma?” The walk was followed by a creative visualisation session. Following dinner we had a storytelling session. Throughout the weekend we all cooked lovely Jain Vegan meals (vegetable couscous, spaghetti with tofu, Mexican burritos, vegetable ratatouille with rice). I cannot forget the fabulous deserts we had over the weekend.

Vishal Shah

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