Fasting & Health in Jainism – with Dr Jina Shah

Jains have been fasting for thousands of years. There is a lot of accumulated wisdom about the benefits of fasting in the Jain community. But stories of negative health effects occasionally surface too.

Scientists have recently begun to take an interest in fasting and started to research the health effects. Many people in the West have also started to try some form of fasting in hope of “detoxing” or helping control or reverse disease.

Dr. Jina Shah recently worked with patients undergoing medically-supervised fasts (alongside broader health and dietary education) at the True North Center in California. As a medical doctor and active member of the US community, she is well placed to share lessons learned on the science and physiology of fasting alongside traditional Jain practices and spiritual philosophy.

On Sunday 25th June, Dr Jina Shah gave this inspiring talk at the Niland Centre.

Below you will find videos of the talk which Jina gave at JAINA a few days later. The full blog post from this talk can be found here.

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