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Upcoming Events


Young Jains in collaboration with Happy Life Habits (HLH) will host a Virtual Social and an In Person Social. (Disclosure – Happy Life Habits is Shaileen’s business).

Virtual Social Wed 28 Feb around 8pm : 45 – 60 mins virtual social using a virtual platform (not Zoom).

It will be an informal, unstructured session with a couple of starter icebreaker questions to allow small groups and 1:1 conversations before free format conversation. The funky interactive platform allows you to move around the space at your own will and join different conversations..

In Person Social Sunday 17th March morning celebrating International Day of Happiness.

90 mins session that has activities that get people interacting and mixing. Plus just having time and space to talk/connect.

Those who confirm in advance can reserve a space to go for lunch after the session that Happy Life Habits has scheduled in a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in NW London.

All ages are welcome to both of these socials.

If interested in the Socials more details will be shared in due course in the YJ Socials group.

Join now for the Virtual Social next week, details will start to be shared from Friday.
For the March 17th please join the group after 1st March.


Donations to Young Jains are welcomed for these activities.



Be part of the Young Jains Community

Young Jains UK is a non-sectarian organisation that encourages the discussion and exploration of Jain philosophy, spirituality and its practical importance to life. Formed in 1987, it is an independent non-profit making charitable organisation (registered charity no 1005856).
Young Jains provides an opportunity for its members to be actively involved in delivering events and develop skills that are applicable to all aspects of life. Everyone is most welcome to the Young Jains Experience regardless of age, caste, nationality, faith, etc.

The best way to be involved and kept informed of Young Jains events and activities such as:
Paryushan, Diwali, Mahavir Janma Kalyanak, Garbas,
Retreats, Conventions, Workshops,
Sewa, Sweet Harmony, Discussions,
Volunteering opportunities, Training and Socials
is to be in the Young Jains Whatsapp Community group and on the Young Jains email bulletin list.

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