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Upcoming Events

1 hour Q & A session based upon Pratikraman in general and specifically the Vanditu sutra. The session will be run by Dr Ajitbhai and/or Dr. Mukulbhai Shah. Please register your name and age along with any questions on the link below.

Following this introduction, the entire Vanditu sutra recital can be heard in the link below along with a written out translation of the English meaning as well as appropriate images for all 50 lines as a form of swadhyay
Vanditu sutra – full recital of this ancient jain prayer of repentance and atonement


Forest Walks

Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth Jain School and Young Jains are delighted to announce the schedule of Forest Walks for this year. All Walks are on Sundays. Our walks are open to all – from any faith or none. Our pace will suit most ages. You will need good footwear. Please contact us in advance, if you have special needs. 🌳

1) 15 May – Stanmore Country Park. Easy. 2 hours. 2pm start: Walk Planners: Ketan supported by Jitendra. Beautiful forest that has oak and birch trees. A wonderful viewpoint at the top of the hill and an enthralling lake en-route. For the eagle eyed, a chance to spot the elusive muntjak deer.

2) 19 June – Ashridge. Moderate. 3-4 hours. 11am start Walk Planners: Jigna supported by Kruti. The 20kms of woodland is located in the Chiltern Hills, an area of outstanding Natural Beauty and very popular. Home to the well known Ivinghoe Beacon. Take a nice snap at the top of the hill!

3) 10 July – Chess Valley. Moderate. 3-4 hours. 11am start. Walk Planners: Tejas supported by Sandip. The Chess Valley is near Rickmansworth and as you might guess follows the the River Chess! It has some of the most attractive countryside and is well known as an area of natural beauty. You will fall in love with the breathtaking views deep in the valley.

4) 14 Aug – Broxbourne Woods. Easy. 3-4 hours. 2pm Start: Walk Planner: Pramit. The woods are part of of the Sessile Oak and Hornbeam woodland. Recognised as a special area of conservation of European importance. Look out for Bronze Age relics and a Roman road.

5) 11 Sep – Potters Bar. Easy. 2 hours. 11am Start. Walk Planners: Kruti supported by Jigna. We will visit Firs and Pond Wood that are opposite the Oshwal Temple. The woods have an ancient meadow going back to medieval days. The reserve is one of the best places to spot dragonflies and damselflies. We end the walk with a shared picnic at the Oshwal Centre and perhaps a game of frisby!

🌲🌲🌲Come and enjoy being a part of nature, experience the beauty of forests. We have wonderful team who will plan and deliver these walks.🌲🌲🌲

Latest News

Young Jains Magazine

Young Jains is excited to launch the latest issue of our magazine- Hope.

As we make our way out of this pandemic, how do we continue to keep hope, especially given the tough lockdowns and restrictions.

In this latest issue, you will discover:

* The Soul self – the journey of divine light
* Hope… the ingredient of life
* A poem on Freedom
* Two frogs… a story of keeping hope

Young Jains would be grateful to hear from you on this latest edition. Please email magazine@youngjains.org.uk


Enriching Conversations

Facilitated open-hearted conversations to help us stay connected, share insights and remain centred.
Prepare a hot drink, settle into your seat and join the conversation.
You’re welcome to share your thoughts or simply listen in.
Enriching Conversations connect the community, online, in real time. Find out more…

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