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Latest News

UK Census 2021: “Choose other, Select Jain”

Young Jains is currently helping OneJain to spread awareness about the upcoming Census in 2021, and its importance for the Jain community in the UK. We hosted a Q&A style event on Thursday 14th January, to answer questions from the community. Our thanks are extended to those who attended and have taken an active interest in helping us to promote the campaign thus far.

We were joined by our Community Engagement Officer, Emma Taylor and Stephen Pal, from the Office of National Statistics and Sanjay Jagatia, Community Advisor for the Indian Community, who all made several clarifications on how to fill out the census this year, if we wish to be recognised as Jain.

For those who were unable to join us, we will be hosting another event ahead of Census Day, to make further clarifications. See our upcoming bulletins and social media for more information on this event. Please also visit our Census page on the Young Jains website, which we regularly update with frequently asked questions and answers.

If you want to know more about how you can help us support the Jain community gain recognition in the census and to help those who wish to be identified as Jain to make the right choice, then please join us.

Young Jains Magazine

Young Jains is excited to launch the latest issue of our magazine- Hope.

As we make our way out of this pandemic, how do we continue to keep hope, especially given the tough lockdowns and restrictions.

In this latest issue, you will discover:

* The Soul self – the journey of divine light
* Hope… the ingredient of life
* A poem on Freedom
* Two frogs… a story of keeping hope

Young Jains would be grateful to hear from you on this latest edition. Please email magazine@youngjains.org.uk


Enriching Conversations

Facilitated open-hearted conversations to help us stay connected, share insights and remain centred.
Prepare a hot drink, settle into your seat and join the conversation.
You’re welcome to share your thoughts or simply listen in.
Enriching Conversations connect the community, online, in real time. Find out more…

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