Paryushan is the sacred annual period of fasting, forgiveness and self-introspection. During this spiritual time Jains observe harmony with the soul by fasting, carrying out rituals, reading scriptures, self-restraint, control over desires and passions, compassion for all the living beings, penance, forgiveness for harming self and others.

The Swetambara tradition observe it for eight days, performing the rituals such as puja, samayik, pratikraman, and listening to the discourses on Kalpasutra, which describes the lives of Bhagwan Mahavira, other Tirthankars, prominent Acharyas.

The Digambara tradition celebrates it for ten days with devotion by listening and contemplation on the ten universal virtues, one on each day: forgiveness, humility, honesty, contentment, truthfulness, self-restraint, austerities, renunciation, detachment and celibacy.

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