Sweet Harmony

Our mission is to promote and increase awareness of Jain / Spiritual values via creative, harmonious, rhythmic and melodious vocal / instrumental music.

Sweet Harmony is open to all Souls regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, ability or disability.

A regular monthly event in the Young Jains calendar (on the first Monday of the month), all song lyrics are provided in English, the meanings of our devotional songs is explained, and our talented group of singers and musicians provide the perfect atmosphere for everyone to immerse themselves in bhakti.

It really is an opportunity to let your vocal chords experience the creative talents within you through music and song. If you have never sung, then this great way to learn, in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

Sweet Harmony began in 2000 and has continued to grow, consistently providing a forum for participants to sing stavans/bhajans and take part in bhakti. It brings people together focusing upon devotion to Bhagwan and had a tremendous impact upon those who attend regularly.

For more information about sponsoring an evening of Sweet Harmony and inviting your family and friends or being a guest vocalist/ instrumentalist, please contact sweetharmony@youngjains.org.uk.

The Young Jains Team Award was launched at the AGM in 2002, to recognise the achievement and contribution volunteer teams make to the members of Young Jains – yes that is to YOU! It is awarded to one exceptional team annually. The Sweet Harmony team received the Award in 2003 and most recently in 2015.

Read What Others Have to Say

First Monday of the Month – this is the first entry in my hectic diary and it is one of the events that does not get missed however busy my day has been or whatever the weather. I have been enjoying these sessions so much for the past months that my spirit are uplifted as I start getting ready to come to the session in the evening. With a different choice of stavans each month, with the singers and musicians leading the crowd, the room gets filled with positive vibes. With the meanings explained, you seem to sing and understand the stavans with real ‘bhav’. I get a warm, content feeling every time I attend these sessions.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the team organising the Sweet Harmony and the singers and musicians.

Rekha ■

I have been twice now for the Sweet Harmony Satsang sessions and i would really like to thank everyone organising this event as well as the singers and the musicians for doing and excellent presentation. It really makes me feel happy and peaceful to hear such lovely stavans.

The other important element to this event is that meanings are explained and this makes it very nice.

Please keep up the good work. Once again my congratulation to the whole team for their hard work. Finally I appreciate the hard work that has gone into preparing this very beautiful “STAVAN FOLDER”.

Regards Jitu Mehta (via email) ■

Jai Jinendra

I have been attending sweet harmony sessions and I must say I really enjoy them. The sessions are very well organised, especially the way the folders are provided with words in Gujarati and English. The meaning of the bhajan is explained at the beginning so you sing with awareness. The sweet harmony team works very hard and makes it a great success.

Well done and keep it up.

Best wishes Nimu Malde (Edgware)

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