Young Jains conventions are an unique experience providing so many tangible and intangible benefits! They are unique Jain events in the United Kingdom. The first convention was held in 1994 and since then they have been held every two years and continue to inspire delegates long after the convention is over. They are typically held for two days and explore Jain Dharma in a fun and safe environment with lots of practical tools for daily living.

What’s in it for me in attending?

For a reasonable, subsidised registration fee you get the Young Jains Experience at superb value starting with entry to the weekend convention. During this weekend you get delicious home cooked Jain Vegan Food. You will meet lots of other likeminded people in an informal, friendly, warm, fun atmosphere. The icebreakers, workshops, meal breaks, Saturday evening entertainment all aid this and have resulted in many long term friendships and in some cases future life partners – better than a 2 minute speed dating session! 

The greatest benefit is to explore in depth over the 2 days Jain Dharma concepts and teachings. Each session during the weekend whether presenter led or workshop shares aspects of the main theme and builds on the previous session. This allows to really get to grips with Jain Dharma, understand concepts so as to allow you the choice to use them in daily life – to really live the Dharma. The approach in sharing is at a level where those who know nothing about Jain Dharma and those who know some can both gain on their knowledge and understanding. The concepts are shared in simple English being made accessible, digestible, memorable and useable by using various mediums so that the whole mind (both left and right) and the senses are engaged in the active learning process. This is by the use of creativity, visual presentations, stories, modern music, acting, workshops, questions, audience participation, props such as cuddly elephants, chocolate cake to name but a few. 

A great asset is the content is delivered by presenters, many home grown within the U.K and active within Young Jains and some specially invited for the convention. People just like you and me. Our peers sharing with us can inspire us to seek further. The home grown presenters have put dedicated effort in to learn the material, understand it, identify the key messages and develop creative ways to share it so that you can absorb it.

Who is it for 

The Convention is for you if you:

  • Are curious to experience a different approach to learning, sharing and developing
  • Have very little knowledge of the basics of Jainism so would like to enhance your understanding
  • Know various topics and would like to understand how things “fit together”
  • Have knowledge and would like to delve into this further
  • Want to explore how Jain dharma is practical

What to expect

  • Lots of workshops, you choose what you want to explore
  • An opportunity to learn the spiritual teachings of Mahavir Bhagwan; insights you can use consistently in every day life
  • A lively atmosphere; full of creativity, energy, fun and support
  • The company of like-minded people and the chance to make life long friends
  • To leave with far more than you expected!

Past conventions have included:

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Past Conventions

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WOW! What a superb event.

Young Jains have made substantial progress in learning and promoting the richness of our own culture & traditions. 

I am writing this email at 11.28pm. Why because the time is ‘NOW’.  I feel while it is fresh in my mind if I do not write NOW then from tomorrow I will be busy with my daily routine life.

Many congratulations to everyone involved with the convention.  Brilliant efforts and achievement. I am sure you are all exhausted and probably asleep but satisfaction of delivering the ‘good customer service’ will remain and keep your energies up.

More importantly, it came across to the audience as a really professional, inspiring, energising event! 

They have all taken something away with them and you should all be proud of the success.

Well done to all the volunteers for their dedication, hard work, efforts in planning, organising workshops, inspiration, commitment and serving the delicious food with a :-) !

 “You’ve got to win in your mind before you win in your life”.

Varsha Gudka

The Winning Mindset, 2012

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