Past Conventions

2014 – The Winning Hand

In the game of life, your cards are constantly being dealt to you. When you get a good hand you say to yourself ‘Yes! I have done well’ but other times you are left thinking ‘Why me?!’

Do these cards determine your destiny? We think we’re trying to make the most of it but a really good player can command ANY hand to victory. As a collaborative learning experience, this weekend helped delegates to gain a deeper understanding of how to shape the destiny of their game. They discovered how to play their cards right.

2013 – Controlling Your Freedom

Living in a Western world we perceive ourselves to be free. What is this freedom really like?

In today’s society life is often like wondering through maze. Not knowing which turn to take, and constantly in worry over whether we’re going the right way. This is hardly the image associated with freedom.

The Jain Dharma has a remarkable view on life. Just having an appreciation of that view can have a profound effect on your own thinking and can help to turn a world of confusion into one of clarity and peace of mind.

Controlling Your Freedom is a day of self discovery. Delegates understood what your freedom really means and how you can begin mastering it now.

2012 – The Winning Mindset

The entire philosophy of Jain dharma is there to help us achieve the gold standard of samyak darshan (self-realisation), and eventually moksha (liberation). The focus of this convention was the 12 Bhavanas, or meditative contemplations, reflecting upon which can help us achieve the Winning Mindset. As all victories primarily require a victory of the mind and thoughts, this convention helped delegates understand the value and power of these tools from our dharma.

WOW! What a superb event.

Young Jains have made substantial progress in learning and promoting the richness of our own culture & traditions. 

I am writing this email at 11.28pm. Why because the time is ‘NOW’.  I feel while it is fresh in my mind if I do not write NOW then from tomorrow I will be busy with my daily routine life.

Many congratulations to everyone involved with the convention.  Brilliant efforts and achievement. I am sure you are all exhausted and probably asleep but satisfaction of delivering the ‘good customer service’ will remain and keep your energies up.

More importantly, it came across to the audience as a really professional, inspiring, energising event! 

They have all taken something away with them and you should all be proud of the success.

Well done to all the volunteers for their dedication, hard work, efforts in planning, organising workshops, inspiration, commitment and serving the delicious food with a :-) !

 “You’ve got to win in your mind before you win in your life”.

Varsha Gudka

2010 – Voyage to Freedom – Crossing the Ocean

The journey through this convention was taken aboard HMS Nav Tattva. With characteristic Young Jains originality, fun and colour, this convention explored the Nav Tattvas, the Nine Realities, and how they explain the theory of karma, which truly is the essence of Jain Dharma.

2009 – Bridging the Gap

Bridge The Gap in your understanding and find out how the different pieces of the Jain Jigsaw fit. See the BIG PICTURE in a journey of self-discovery, exploration and seeking the truth.

2007 – Everyday Hero – A Change of Perspective

We all face challenges in our daily lives, but how do we deal with them?

  • What perspective do you work from?
  • Have you stopped to consider another point of view?
  • Do you deal with matters heroically?

This one day conference allowed delegates to explore their own challenges, and empowered them to respond to those challenges heroically.

2004 – Tasting the Mango 2 – the Next Slice! (TTM2)

TTM2 focused on the “next slice”, the 12 Bhavnas (Reflections or Facets of Reality) where participants were encouraged through plays, discussions and workshops to understand how Jainism can be applied easily to our daily lives and used to help overcome difficulties we face.

2002 – Tasting the Mango (TTM)

The opportunity to develop your understanding of the fundamentals of Jain Philosophy such that you can use it consistently and use it every day. Focus upon the Jain Jigsaw puzzle consisting of the following pieces – Atma, Mithyatva, Samyak Darshan, Moksha, Karma, Nav Tattva, Kashyas and Upsham and understand how these are part of the Path to Moksha, and experiencing the divinity within.

2000 – Freeing the Spirit

At the heart of Jainism lies the concept of Self. ‘Until I have come to understand and accept myself I will never be at peace with the world around me.’ Central to this convention was the exploration into how we perceive ourselves. We focused upon our inner resources such as love, strength and wisdom and learn to make better use of these treasures whenever and wherever we need them most.

1998 – The Art of Living – a Jain Perspective

This convention brought things to a personal level, as each individual explored their own art of living. Looking at Jainism as living philosophy and exploring spirituality as the tool for self-development, workshops looked at the Art of Positivity, of Letting Go and a Treasure Hunt for the Art of Self Discovery.

1996 – Reviving The Community Spirit

All over the world communities are becoming extinct. For the Jains, the community spirit has been central to their success in business, professional and social aspects of life. This convention served as a reminder of the value of this and discussed ways in which it can be reinvigorated. It highlighted the role that communities play in society and how, by working together, so much more can be achieved.

1994 – Jainism In The 21st Century

Focused upon bringing about an international ethical revolution through Jain action. Recognising that Ahimsa (non-violence) and Aparigraha (limiting one’s possessions) are central solutions to the environmental concerns of the Global village.

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