Veganuary speak to the Jain Community

An inspiring event on Sunday afternoon with Jane Land & Matthew Glover, founders of Veganuary, hosted by Young Jains UK.

We found out how Jane & Matthew learned about the role of Jainism in the history of vegetarianism via Ian McDonald‘s The Vegan Option podcasts.

We learned about the struggles that Veganuary had in its early years. But we also learned about its successes, and its plans for the future.

YJ President, Mihir Shah, shared the amazing story how Veganuary 2017 helped inspire his entire office to go vegetarian/vegan for a month.

And Sagar Kirit Shah, of Jain Vegans, discussed actions the Jain community could do to support amazing vegan charities like Veganuary and The Vegan Society.

Very pleased to have attendees from a range of UK Jain organisations , including Institute of JainologyRaj Saubhag UKSCVP London.

Thanks to Pramal Lad (Pramal Lad | Photography) for beautifully capturing the event, and to Heena R Modi of Plant Shift for recording it.

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