Diwali Rangoli 2016

Rangoli is an artform typically performed during Diwali where designs are created on the ground or wooden boards using coloured powders (lentils, rice, grains can also be used). Designs can be patterns or figures (e.g. Tirthankar Mahavir). Once complete the designs are blown away signifying the impermanence of life.

On Saturday 15 th October, Young Jains held a Diwali Rangoli event. What a spectacular event it turned out to be with people partaking in rangoli-making leading up to the Diwali celebrations. There were two parallel events taking place, one for the Little Jains where we had 20 children performing a range of arts and crafts activities. This consisted of rangoli making using colours and lentils, collage making and painting diyas.

The other rangoli event had approximately 50 people in the main hall. This started off with two rangoli demonstrations, the first led by Pratimaben and Shobnaben. The second was led by Anilbhai, Ritaben and Anish. Everyone was fascinated by these rangolis and were eager to try it out for themselves. For some people this was the first time performing rangoli; for others it was a new technique of using cones to do rangoli. Everyone played full out and were focused on the present moment of creating a wonderful piece of art.

The Little Jains later joined in the main hall where they showcased all of their art work along with the rangolis created. Mukulbhai then gave an inspiring and engaging presentation on the Jain significance of Diwali.

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