About Young Jains Magazine

YJ Magazine is a quarterly theme-based hard-copy magazine, in English, printed and published in the UK for Young Jains members, solely dedicated to Jainism.

Our Vision

YJ Magazine Team’s vision is to inform and engage Jain followers and non-followers through the YJ Magazine about Jainism in line with the objectives of Young Jains such that it encourages the discussion and exploration of Jain philosophy, spirituality and its practical importance to life.


As we make our way out of this pandemic, how do we continue to keep hope, especially given the tough lockdowns and restrictions.

In this latest issue, you will discover:

* The Soul self – the journey of divine light
* Hope… the ingredient of life
* A poem on Freedom
* Two frogs… a story of keeping hope


Hero… Be the change

Lockdown brought a lot of disruption to our lives, whilst helping us appreciate all the key workers, who risked their lives to serve the nation. They were our superheroes. Lockdown also gave us an opportunity to slow down, introspect and bring small transformations into our lives so that we could also take steps to becoming heroes. This edition explores:

– Search for the hero within

– Qualities of a hero

– Some of your lockdown transformations

Finding Calm in the Chaos

Young Jains magazine… now online

Young Jains are excited to launch the latest issue of the magazine, Finding Calm in the Chaos, online. Understanding and contemplating on the rich wisdom of Jainism has become ever more important during these unprecedented times. With that, Young Jains decided to make the magazine available to the community online.

In this latest issue, you will discover:

  • Enriching Conversations, weekly sessions hosted by Young Jains, to support the community during these unprecedented times
  • Mahavir Janma Kalyanak celebrations hosted by Young Jains
  • How Karmic philosophy can be applied to understand Covid-19
  • Young Jains doctors share their experiences of how Jain principles are helping them whilst on call during these times

Young Jains would be grateful to hear from you on this latest edition. Please email with any feedback.

Jainism & Technology

As the world advances technologically, where does Jainism stand in this new age.

In this issue you will discover:

  • How technology has changed the dynamics of religious texts
  • Infusing information and technology with wisdom and soul
  • Advances in biotechnology from a Jain perspective
  • Jain perspectives on environment and food technology

Read on to see how Jainism applies in our technology advanced world.

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