Mission & Objectives

Young Jains UK is a non-sectarian organisation that encourages the discussion and exploration of Jain philosophy, spirituality and its practical importance to life. Formed in 1987, it is an independent non-profit making charitable organisation (registered charity no 1005856).
Activities include discussions, retreats, debates, quiz nights, musical evenings, study sessions, conventions, etc. which are held on various themes and topics including: understanding Jain principles, ethics, the environment, debating social concerns, health matters, visiting temples and increasing awareness about other faiths.
Young Jains provides an opportunity for its members to be actively involved in delivering events and develop skills that are applicable to all aspects of life. Everyone is most welcome to the Young Jains Experience regardless of age, caste, nationality, faith, etc.

Mission Statement

A non-profit making society dedicated to the promotion of Jainism in the western world.

Core Objectives

  • To create a better understanding of Jain philosophy, practice and culture.
  • To address the problems faced by young Jains in the UK.
  • To take a further step towards adapting to a multi-cultural environment and living in multi-racial harmony.
  • To prove that each one of us is talented and by working together, we can learn to respect ourselves and all around us.

Who is YJ for?

Young Jains is open to all – not just those that are Jain by birth. There are many people who are walking the path of the Jinas (to conquer the ‘I’) or uphold the tenants of Jainism hence Jainism is not confined to cultural background.
Our primary target markets is for those aged from 18 to 35 years however we do cater for families and the young at heart.

We encourage those that haven’t thought about Jainism.​ This is probably the hardest market, since we are seeking to ‘open  peoples’ eyes’ to spirituality and the value that Jain teachings can bring.

The Young Jains Logo

This logo represents the essence of the organisation, i.e. planting seeds of Jainism and nurture it so it grows to a much bigger aim. A tree is a symbol of life, and its branches, a symbol of growth and progress. A tree stands firm against all calamities or changes in its surroundings, and rather than clamouring for its rights and privileges, fulfils its duties of providing food and shelter for the needy.

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