Living with Jain Values

A new stream, Living with Jain Values was set up in 2016.

The first event, Medical research without animals, was held on Sunday 18th September 2016,

The use of animals in medical research causes an ethical dilemma for many Jains – especially those working as professionals in the healthcare sector. We all support medical advances that can help save and improve lives. But as believers in non-violence, we also often feel uncomfortable about the millions of animals that are harmed in medical research and drug development.

Dr. Hadwen Trust is the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity. They help fund innovative, high-quality, human-relevant medical research that doesn’t use animals – research that has the potential to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of animals in medicine.

The event explained the use of animals in medical research, the limitations of animal models, and the alternative research that Dr. Hadwen Trust are helping to fund.

A replay can be viewed below.

The second event, Mental Health with Mind, was held on 5th February 2017. Mental health effects a large proportion of the community which includes Jains. It is often not openly spoken about or acknowledged. The event aimed to create an open conversation about mental health in the south Asian community, tackling mental health stigma and awareness of the impact of mental health at all ages from a psychiatry doctor. We were supported by the mental health charity, Mind Harrow.

If you’ve missed the event, please see some additional resources below:

Local services and support

Mind in Harrow have an online directory of local and national organisations that provide wellbeing support and other practical services: They also run an information helpline for anyone needing support and guidance on mental health and accessing local services: 020 8426 0929.

Mental health resources

National Mind have a great Youtube channel with videos on all sorts of mental health related topics

… and a great A-Z of mental health:

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