Diwali is the celebration of Tirthankar Mahavir Bhagwan’s Moksha Kalyanak. Bhagwan Mahavir relinquished his mortal coil and proceeded towards the place of eternal happiness. He achieved the ultimate bliss of Moksha – Abundant, Infinite, Eternal Bliss.

We celebrate the beautiful qualities of Bhagwan. You are filled with exactly the same qualities. You are exactly the same as Bhagwan. Your soul is exactly the same as His. Except we just need to dust off karma here and there and everywhere.

  • Bhagwan. Let the light of my knowledge forever dispel the darkness of my ignorance.
  • Bhagwan. Just like one divo lights another, without its own radiance diminishing, let your divine light, light the divinity within me. Let the lamp of my inner being be lit through your guidance.
  • Bhagwan. Like the flame of the divo which is always turned upwards, let my thought always be centred towards my spiritual upliftment.
  • Bhagwan. Like the wick of the divo is burnt by the flame. Let this wick of my kashays – anger, greed, ego and deceit be burnt to ashes in the flame of self-realisation.

On New Years Day we celebrate the attainment of Keval Jnaan by Guru Gautam Swami – Mahavir Bhagwan’s first disciple. This is when he overcame his attachment to Mahavir Bhagwan and converted that attachment to unconditional love.

We celebrate this momentous achievement and are inspired to also follow the path shown by Mahavir Bhagwan to seek the Divinity within us and overcome our inner dark enemies.

Be inspired during Diwali to reflect and rejuvenate your spiritual search 

Be the Light, Shine Bright

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