Medical Science and Ethics


Jai Jinendra!

I am pleased to announce that the new Young Jains Magazine has now been printed and is being distributed to all YJ member households.

In this edition, we explore the theme of medical science and ethics.

One perspective can be that medical science and related quantum research is essentially a process driven by “our own selfish purposes to better the human body. But that is NOT the goal of Jainism. The goal of Jainism is to liberate the soul from going through all these bodies,” as perceived by Suketu Khandhar (1). While Khandhar was expressing views in relation to use of animals in the medical world, the core perspective can be applied more generally.

While it is important to acknowledge that while medical research and resources are being allocated to mental wellbeing, it is hard not to accept the perspective that medical science and related research does indeed pre-dominantly focus on physically wellbeing and improvements to the human body.

To this end, in her article “Exercise your Mind”, Arti Gudka highlights the yoga as a form of “personal development [that] encompasses body, mind and breath.”

Overall, in this edition we explore the theme of medical science and ethics in three broad categories, as follows.

Start of Life – Birth

  • In her article “Embryo Editing”, Heena Doshi highlights issues of genetic editing and using embryos for medical research. Do the ends justify the means?
  • We also have an anonymous article on Abortion. An emotive and controversial subject highlight the difficult decisions often faced by us and where perhaps the principle of Anekantavada applies the most.

Living our Life

  • While we all endeavour to remain healthy, often we all require medicines, and Bhavni Shah & Meera Joshi, in their article highlight the issues surrounding animal ingredients in medicines. We also had a great opportunity to conduct a video interview on this subject with a pharmacist. The video can be accessed from the YJ website with the link in the article.

End of Life – Dying

  • We have a wonderful article by Anuja Shah highlighting the “Art of Dying”, emphasising the peace we must all strive for both throughout of our lives as well as towards the end.
  • Also, Deyaan Udani’s tragic young life helps both highlighting and inspire the cause of Organ Donation.
  • Last but least, we have a wonderful short story from Bansi Malde, highlighting the “The Compassionate Doctor”.

Finally, thank you to all the authors, advertisers and the YJ Magazine team members for your hard work and support. Without you this edition simply would not have been possible.

From all of the YJ Magazine Team, we hope you like this edition, and would welcome your feedback. If there are any errors and mistakes, I humbly ask for forgiveness – michhammi dukhdam.

Ashish Patani, YJ Editor


(1) Suketu Khandhar, April 1994,

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