Saturday 26th October 2002 – TTM: Slice Of The Mango!

Tasting The Mango Lives On! TTM continues with the message that the What?, Why? and How? of Jainism is “as easy as ABC” (in the words of the Jackson 5). The most recent event was TTM: Slice of the Mango in Northampton on 26th October 2002, which was advertised on Radio Northampton. There were delegates from Northampton as well as Manchester, London, Leicester, Coventry, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes and even Germany! Many new faces and some TTM graduates attended. It was a fantastic and phenomenal day with about 80 – 90 people from right across the age range in attendance. 

The crowd preparation happening in the barn before the event went live was really good. It was great how the interaction to get everyone involved ensured that people understood what to do, keeping the focus and encouragement of all, enabled everyone to listen and play full out throughout the day. 

Three core workshops covered atma, samyak darshan, kshayas, raag/dwesh, mithyatva and the qualities one should develop espoused in Maitri Bhavanu (by Pujya Shree Chitrabhanuji) bringing the philosophy and practice of Jainism together. This was done in the TTM style of English pop music, stories, interactive workshops getting the crowd thinking and sharing, PowerPoint movies, 10 day challenges, High 5’s, Mango Hugs and Mango Dancing. 

Specifically, the story telling of the light sabres representing Anger, Greed, Ego and Deceit (AGED) was portrayed in a memorable way. Search for a hero was also insightful in depicting qualities, which we see in others, that are actually in fact within us all! 

To end the day, evening entertainment was provided, which was well thought through. This was a session full of fun packed activities based around what had been delivered during the day. This included a potato run with the Jain jigsaw puzzle, matching pairs for Jainism related words, Guess who game with post-it-notes and others for expressing communication!



 “Now I will be honest, I thought the magic that was created during the 5th international convention might never be re-created again!!! But I was wrong!!!! Hats off to Priti and Shai who I must say did a fantastic and amazing job once again. YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!!!!! I hope there is another slice of the mango around the corner because the last 1 was certainly delicious!!!! yum yum yum.”  

Adarsh – London


“What can I say…the event in Northampton was ACE!!! The atmosphere was immensely enjoyable. I think by the end of the day everyone went away learning something if not everything! Personally I think it was a great refresher for self-development & it is always a laugh & good to hear about other people’s experiences and examples that relate back to Jainism.

I’m glad that everyone had so much ‘zeal’ throughout the day. (Mind the pun – it really wasn’t intentional!!) hehe & the use of the 4 fun keys were delivered in a memorable way. Hopefully all those who attended will take away with them what was shared and use it in a practical everyday way, with the challenges set. I know I will continue too do so.” 

Zeel Shah – Northampton


“Here’s a Jain riddle for u all: What is in our nature and what will we become?” 

Roheel Shah – Northampton


“I thought it was fun and interesting how they did the presentations”. 

Meera Shah – Northmampton


“The TTM – Slice of the Mango was fantastic and it was a refresher for me as I leant a lot, and thanks for the inquist entertainment.” 

Sonal Shah – Leicester


“Really interesting because it made me think about what life has install.” 

Deepa R Shah – Northampton


“It gave a new meaning to Jainism, in the way which us youngsters can relate and apply it practically to everyday life.” 

Nikhil Shah – Northampton


“A triathlon of organisation came together to make TTM slice of the mango such a success (Young Jains, OAUK – Northampton, SCV Manchester). Also without the mike’s, music and the effort of the support team, TTM would not have been able to deliver, so a big thanks to the whole team.”

Prakash Shah – Leicester


“The enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and have fun, of all the participants and everyone involved made this a spectacular day. It was exciting to hear differing points of view for varying topics discussed throughout the day.”

Deepa M Shah – Northampton

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