Census 2021: Choose Other Select Jain

The Importance of the Census

Young Jains is supporting OneJain in its Census 2021 campaign.

We need to have 50,000 people select Jain as their faith in the census form.

If we succeed in the census:

  • Jains will be considered in decisions on Funding and Services by local and national government
  • More hospitals will service Jain Meals
  • More schools will teach Jainism
  • More crematoria and care Homes will take Jain needs into account
  • The BBC and other public bodies will be more aware of Jainism
  • and there are many more benefits

We would love for you to join us.

How can you help?

  • In the form itself, if you wish to be identified as Jain, please Choose Other, Select Jain.


  • As a volunteer, please join our team and:
    • Help people complete Census 2021 forms;
    • Help people get hold of Census 2021 forms;
    • Help us develop the Social Media campaign;
    • Discuss in person or by phone the importance of “Choosing Other, Selecting Jain” in the Census form



We will provide you with all the support you need, including access to Community Engagement Officers from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and training.

The main motto of the campaign is Choose Other, Select Jain, as the ONS expects 70% of the population to complete the census form online.   When you get to the relevant question in the online census form, question 16 on religion, which is a voluntary question, if you want to be identified as Jain, please select “other”.  This will lead to a drop down menu and as you type “Jain” that choice will appear for you to select.

In the paper form, you will have to write in Jain, as indicated in the image above, if you want to be identified as Jain.

More information

Please visit:

Or write to us at census@youngjains.org.uk 

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