Young Jains UK is a non-sectarian organisation that encourages the discussion and exploration of Jain philosophy, spirituality and its practical importance to life. Formed in 1987, it is an independent non-profit making charitable organisation (registered charity no 1005856).

Activities include discussions, retreats, debates, quiz nights, musical evenings, study sessions, conventions, etc. which are held on various themes and topics including: understanding Jain principles, ethics, the environment, debating social concerns, health matters, visiting temples and increasing awareness about other faiths.

Young Jains provides an opportunity for its members to be actively involved in delivering events and develop skills that are applicable to all aspects of life. Everyone is most welcome to the Young Jains Experience regardless of age, caste, nationality, faith, etc.



Message from the incoming president… 

I am delighted to be elected as your president for the coming year! The previous committee has carried out significant work over the last year, and I look forward to building on this further. 

I would like to introduce the newly elected Executive Committee:

Mihir Shah – President

Vishal Shah – Vice President

Sahil Rupani – Treasurer

Megna Shah – Secretary

Anuja Shah – Committee Member

Priya Shah – Committee Member

Samil Shah – Committee Member

Serena Shah – Committee Member

The newly elected Non-Executive Committee includes:

Ashikbhai Shah

Manjriben Shah

Mukul Shah

Shaileen Shah

Suraj Shah

There is a wealth of talent both in the EC and NEC and I am looking forward to working together, with the newly elected committees and with You. We have a number of exciting ideas for the coming year, we urge you to watch this space…

Please do get in touch with the new committee if you have any questions.

Jai Jinendra,