Little Jains

Little Jains holds regular monthly activities for under 5s where they explore Jain Dharma with fun filled activities like story telling, arts and crafts, music etc.

Past events have included:

Rejoicing Diwali with Little Jains

Little Jains learned about the life and teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir, why and how Jains celebrate Diwali. This involved arts and craft activites, story telling, meditation, evening prayers.

Fruit Picking

Little Jains picked their own fruits and vegetables whilst discussing Jain concepts.

Catering for and nurturing the Nature

Activities included:

-       Yoga

-       Nature Walk in the Woodlands

-       Decorating the pots 

-       Helping the Park Manager in the park garden (instilling the value of Sewa by helping the local community).

-       Planting the seeds to take home (caring for nature)

Father’s Day visit to Derasar & Picnic

Activities included:

-      Deraser Treasure Trail

-      Planting of Watercress

-      Darshan at the Derasar

-      Prayers and rhymes

-      Father’s Day rhymes

-      Ending prayers

Young Jains UK are delighted to make available this audio track featuring Bhagwan Shree Mahavir’s mother, Trishlamata’s 14 auspicious dreams. The track was produced for and launched during Little Jains’ celebrations of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak in 2012.