ABC of Jain Dharma

ABC of Jain Dharma sessions explore Jain philosophy and the key concepts.

Past sessions have included:

  • The HUMANgous Opportunity
  • Mahavir Bhagwan’s Birth and His Spiritual Journey from Hero to Great Hero
  • The Divinity Code
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • How Much is Enough? For Rockefeller, Gekko, Scrooge and You?
  • Is there anything wrong with eggs, milk or leather?

In 2014 Young Jains have launched a series of sessions called Virtue Lab. These are a set of virtues – qualities of Bhagwan explored through Jain philosophy and practical solutions for making our every day life better. These Virtue Labs take place in Colindale and in Central London (Soho).

Jainism provides us with 4 incredibly life-changing tools to help us get the most out of our every day life. F.A.C.E represents an acronym to explain these: friendship, appreciation, compassion and equanimity. We will explore these qualities in Virtue Lab.